Recessionary Times
May 29, 2023

The Crucial Role of HRM in Recessionary Times

As economies go through cycles of expansion and contraction, businesses often face challenging periods of recession. During these times, organizations must navigate through financial difficulties, workforce reductions, and market uncertainties. In such circumstances, the role of Human Resource Management (HRM) becomes even more critical. This article explores the key responsibilities of HRM in recessionary times […]

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May 19, 2023

A Century of Management Ideas Visualized

As the world has evolved over the past century, so too have management practices in organizations. From the early days of scientific management and Taylorism to the more recent trends like Holacracy, management ideas have gone through a vast number of changes. While some ideas have stood the test of time, others have been discarded […]

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Background Checks
May 3, 2023

The Importance of Background Checks

In today’s highly competitive job market, it’s become very common for applicants to exaggerate their credentials and hide information. This is why businesses need to conduct background checks on all potential employees. This is a very effective way to identify people who are not right for the position. It also saves companies time, money, and […]

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April 25, 2023

Management of Human Resources in the Emerging Digital Economy

The rapid evolution of the digital economy creates a suitable time for Human Resource Management (HRM) practitioners to reassess their digital skills and capabilities. This requires the creation of a culture that supports digitalization. HR leaders have the opportunity to transform HR processes and the entire organization through artificial intelligence (AI). Moreover, they can create […]

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April 3, 2023

Human Resource Management Times of Emerging Digital Economy

In the era of the emerging digital economy, modern enterprises need human resource management talents. This requires comprehensive control over various management tasks, reasonable arrangements for employee business ability training, and effective improvement of the overall work efficiency of enterprises. The HRM field is changing rapidly as it deals with a global workforce of freelancers […]

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March 27, 2023

The Rise of the Temp Jobs and the Freelance Economy

Over the years, there have been many changes in the way businesses manage labor. A large portion of this change has involved hiring temps or freelance workers. Temp work, or the gig economy, is the new norm and has become an international phenomenon. Its rise has implications for workers worldwide who would find that jobs […]

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February 28, 2023

Functions of a Human Resource Manager

Human Resource manager are responsible for several functions that support a company’s success. These include recruiting, hiring, performance management, compensation, and employee relations. HR managers also ensure compliance with industry safety regulations and maintain accurate employee data records. They also work to improve employee morale and create employee wellness initiatives. Recruitment A Human Resource Manager […]

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Human Resources
February 14, 2023

What Are the 5 Most Important Human Resources

Human resources is a field that encompasses everything from recruiting to retirement. It can be affected by changes in technology, media and laws. While it may not be the most popular or glamorous, HR is crucial to a successful business. Here are the five most important human resources to keep a close eye on: Recruitment […]

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January 31, 2023

The Benefits of the Use of Contract Staff and Temp Workers

Many companies use contract staff and temp workers to fill short-term needs, get an outside perspective or test new initiatives. Whether you need a temporary employee to work on an existing project or you are looking for someone to take over a role that has gone on maternity leave, there are several reasons why hiring […]

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January 19, 2023

Visualizing a Century of Management Ideas

When you’re in management, you might find yourself tasked with making a chart or visualization of a project. Luckily, a way to do it involves a few techniques that have been used for centuries. Using Gantt charts, timelines, and fishbone diagrams, you can create a powerful visualization that will help your project run as smoothly […]

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